Why charter SY One Love?

  • SY One Love is a Leopard 4600 catamaran.  46′ in length, with a 25′ beam.  A very comfortable and stable vessel that was designed for passenger comfort.
  • The largest trampoline in this class of vessel, with comfortable and stable steps on which to sit while under sail.
  • The large and open cockpit is totally shaded by the hardtop, while providing great views and trade wind ventilation.
  • The large sugar scoops with ladder, offer easy access to getting in and out of the water.  A fresh water shower on the stern allows you to rinse each time you come back aboard.

Where do we sail?

  • United States Virgin Islands.  St Thomas airport, STT, is where our guests fly in and out of.


What is included?

  • The Cyril E. King airport (STT) is located on the Island of St. Thomas, USVI. It is 3km west of the central business area of Charlotte Amalie.


What will our all-inclusive vacation cost us?

Our deluxe all-inclusive rates for 7 nights/8 days are as follows:

  • 6 guests: USD  $ 18,00.00
  • 5 guests: USD  $ 17,500.00
  • 4 guests: USD  $ 17,00000
  • 3 guests: USD  $ 17,000.00
  • 2 guests: USD  $ 17,000.00

Although we strongly encourage our guests to enjoy a full 7 nights stay on our boat, we will happily prorate the above for shorter vacations. Bookings of less than 6 nights are however subject to an industry standard 10% surcharge, and there is a minimum stay of 5 nights.

Rates are all-inclusive and when we say that, we mean ALL inclusive. Accommodation on the yacht, food and beverages while on board, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, fuel, customs and park fees are all included. The only exceptions are any meals and drinks that guests opt to indulge in at shoreside restaurants and bars, and crew gratuity which is customarily 15-20% of total charter amount.

Note: Christmas – New Years, Dec. 20, 2015 – Jan. 7, 2016 – 7 night minimum stay – flat rate: $22,000.00


What clothing should we bring?

  • Many first-time guests end up over packing for their trip. You’ll probably find that you’ll virtually be living in casual beach attire. For evenings on shore though, gentlemen may choose to bring along a pair of long pants or dressier shorts, and ladies may opt for a skirt or sundress. On One Love, the crew and most guests simply go barefoot while on the boat and wear flip flops on shore. If you require shoes while on the boat, rubber-soled non-marking shoes are permitted aboard (boat shoes or tennis shoes). Please note that to protect the vessel’s decks, these can not be the same shoes worn on shore though. While enjoying the sun is likely one of your reasons for visiting us, it is prudent to protect yourself from the sun’s strong rays. For this, a good hat is a necessity, and a light, long-sleeve shirt may also be a good addition to your bag. Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of sunscreen on board for you too! As a final consideration, a windbreaker or a sweater might be appreciated if we experience a cool and/or windy evening.


What’s the currency of the Virgin Islands?

  • US dollars are the norm. Credit and debit cards are accepted in many restaurants and shops.


What about staying in touch?

  • AT&T is a popular cellular carrier in the USVI.


How does the yacht come equipped?

  • Aside from all of the equipment listed on the Yacht Specs page, towels, shampoos, body wash, sunscreen, etc. will all be available for you.


What can I expect on the first day of my charter?

  • Our goal is to get you from travel mode into rest and relaxation mode ASAP. Our crew will be waiting to meet you at your prearranged pick-up location. Once aboard One Love, a refreshing welcome drink will be placed into your hand and following a short safety briefing, we’ll be on our way. What comes next is largely up to you. We do know of a fantastic snorkel spot with some amazing turtles that would love to welcome you to the islands though.


What about the last day of my charter?

  • We know you won’t want to leave, and we understand why. We’ll try to make the transition back to the “real world” as easy as possible though by having you back to Charlotte Amalie by 11:00 AM. 

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