Guest Reviews

One Love Catamaran – AWESOME!

  • Guest Sheila
  • Date of stay 01/15/14
  • Review Submitted 01/21/14

We chartered One Love for a 5 day sail in the USVI & BVI. The boat was immaculate, the service & food was beyond expectation, the accommodations were comfortable and luxurious. We felt spoiled! Our professional crew were generous and gracious hosts anticipating our every need before we knew we needed it!! They made this spectacular vacation even more memorable. Thank You!

Recommended for:

Adventure Seekers,  Girls Getaway,  Tourists without a Car,  Sightseeing,  Families with Teenagers,  Romantic Getaway


How did they do it so perfectly?

  • Guest DC Beach Lover
  • Date of stay 12/07/14
  • Review Submitted 01/14/15

My girlfriends and I chartered One Love THREE days before our departure date and I must admit I wasn’t sure they would accept given the short amount of time they had to prepare. They took the challenge and hit the ball out of the ballpark and two states over!!!

Can you imagine expecting guests you do not know who are somewhat picky (only a little….really) and having to provision for their special drink and food menus, ready the boat for sleeping guests and prepare an itinerary based on not much to go on? They used mirrors I’m sure because they worked magic on us and it seemed like we had planned this trip for months.

I have to give a shout out to the boat’s owner too as he was SO helpful getting this trip organized in such a short time. He assured me that the trip would be a 5 star experience and not to worry about anything because they would make it work. It was indeed a trip I will always remember and a trip that I know was so remarkable because the crew worked so many hours to make it happen. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that kind of dedication.

We were treated to wonderful meals everyday and our wine was perfect and the arsenal of cocktails were even better. I have been to the BVI 5 times before so this time I wanted to see and do things I had not done before and once I let it  be known, the crew suggested some hikes that we might enjoy as we made our way around the islands and they did not disappoint. So nice to be able to hike up high and take some gorgeous island pictures.

Our weather was perfect as our days were warm and evenings were cool enough to sleep without a/c. First time I have been to the BVI when the winds were NOT blowing so the sailing was tame but still so enjoyable .

I was so impressed that the boat smelled so clean…not in a fragrance way but in a CLEAN way. I’ve been on lots of boats and One Love is the best smelling one ever. The bedding, pillows and towels were all new and felt so nice and soft.

Thanks Michael Eckert for letting us sharing  SY ONE LOVE with us. Such a special treat!

Recommended for:

Age 55+,  Adventure Seekers,  Girls Getaway,  Tourists without a Car,  Sightseeing,  Families with Teenagers,  Families with Young Children,  Romantic Getaway

Fabulous Girls Getaway to the Virgin Islands!

  • Guest Phyl B
  • Date of stay 12/07/14
  • Review Submitted 12/18/14

I’ve always dreamed of joining my two girlfriends on one of their Caribbean sailing trips! Being on One Love Catamaran was such a wonderful experience! The crew couldn’t have done anything better. They are an awesome team who work perfectly together!  The yacht was sparkling clean & everything was in perfect working order. They did a fabulous job of keeping our meals paleo and truly delicious! Even our appetizers were yummy! We looked forward to the creative & tasty fruit presentation each morning! Our crew helped us plan out fun things to do each day from snorkeling & hiking to exploring beautiful beaches. I loved exploring “The Baths”! I love playing games! So, learning the Soggy Dollar Bar ring toss was a highlight along with the Aces card game. We definitely made the perfect choice going on the One Love Catamaran  for our girls’ trip to the Virgin Islands! I’m feeling very fortunate to have had this incredible experience!

Recommended for: Age 55+,  Adventure Seekers,  Girls Getaway,  Sightseeing,  Families with Teenagers

In love with One Love!

  • Guest Jay T
  • Date of stay 06/13/14
  • Review Submitted 07/02/14

I waited a bit to complete my review to make sure I wasn’t suffering from RVE (recent vacation euphoria) – thereby skewing the results. After careful analysis, I can honestly say that it was absolutely amazing! The boat was immaculate, very well maintained, and loaded with amenities. Everything was exactly as advertised.

The crew were very friendly, professional, and eager to accommodate. They are a formidable team – raising and lower sails, anchoring, and docking in a well choreographed dance that made everything seem easy and smooth. Their knowledge of sailing, the cruising grounds, anchorages, and snorkeling spots was outstanding. We saw dolphins, turtles, rays, and swam through huge schools of fish. We had anticipated scuba diving but there was no need due to the high quality snorkeling. We visited most of the “must see” BVI attractions – the Baths, the Indians, the wreck of the Rhone, Soggy Dollar, Foxy’s, and many more. Lots of activities packed into one week!

I would highly recommend One Love to anyone looking for a catamaran charter vacation. There are many boat and crew options out there but I cannot imagine any of them doing a better job than One Love. We will definitely be back!

We loved “One Love”

  • Guest Diane H.
  • Date of stay 06/13/14
  • Review Submitted 06/20/14
My husband and I, along with two other couples, decided to go on a sailing vacation this year. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by the crew, and taken aboard a spotless and very well kept catamaran. We started our adventure with a champagne toast. From there, we had almost a weeks worth of sailing, snorkeling and seeing the most popular tourist areas in the USVI’s and the BVI’s. . They know some of the best snorkeling places in the area. We saw all kinds of sea life, the water was fantastic and we never felt rushed to enjoy our activities. The weather couldn’t be better and we were given lots of choices on what we wanted to do and see. The catamaran is well equipped and has 4 bedroom and 4 bathrooms, which was exactly what we wanted. We opted for a captain only charter, so we cooked many of our own meals. Overall, an excellent vacation. Thank you Michael Eckert!

Recommended for: Age 55+, Adventure seekers, Tourists without a car, Sightseeing


  • Guest Kathy K.
  • Date of stay 06/05/14
  • Review Submitted 06/13/14
Our trip was extraordinary! I honestly cannot think of anything that would have improved my experience aboard One Love. The crew were able to anticipate our needs and were extremely accommodating to ensure happy guests. Their thorough identification of guests’ expectations, needs, and wishes, prior to the trip and when boarding, allows them to provide an outstanding itinerary and an impressive menu for the voyage. They are also flexible and can modify as needed to best meet guests’ expectations. The meals were delicious, nutritious, and sufficient to keep us energized for all of the various activities. We were able to snorkel, paddle board, hike, kayak, sail, go to shore – everything we wanted to do, and several times each. The locations they took us were perfect for our interests and levels of expertise. The crew were patient and encouraging to those who might be tentative about sailing or engaging in a new activity. They are also ready to provide instruction, when needed. All of our many questions about boats, sailing, the Caribbean, and many other topics.  It is clear that SY ONE LOVE’s number one goal is for their guests to leave happy and fulfilled.

Recommended for: Age 55+,  Adventure Seekers,  Girls Getaway,  Tourists without a Car,  Sightseeing,  Families with Teenagers,  Families with Young Children,  Romantic Getaway

Exceded expectations

  • Guest Steve S.
  • Date of stay 06/05/14
  • Review Submitted 06/19/14
A really awesome vacation sailing around the Virgin Islands. The crew are super friendly and great hosts. They will go the extra mile to accommodate their guests from meals and beverages to activities to itinerary. This was my first sailing charter and they will be my only choice if I’m chartering in the Virgin Islands again.

Recommended for: Age 55+,  Adventure Seekers,  Girls Getaway,  Tourists without a Car,  Sightseeing,  Families with Teenagers,  Families with Young Children,  Romantic Getaway

Beyond “just” vacation is the ONE (Love) VACATION!

  • Guest Mike L.
  • Date of stay 04/13/14
  • Review Submitted 05/06/14
“If we had just done this one thing …”, “If I just had a little more time with …”, “We just went to the beach.” When planning this past spring break vacation I was determined to go beyond the “just” vacation. I wanted it all. No more “just” vacation. We were going on VACATION! So, we booked a week on One Love  in search of the 100% VACATION. The pre-VACATION communication and coordination was simple and clear. The crew were available and super- responsive to follow up questions and guidance. They completely eliminated the unknowns associated with getting a family of five packed and ready for a new experience. Transportation to the boat was easy. Upon arrival, we were greeted like long time friends. The orientation around the boat was concise and clear. As a parent, the safety emphasis was calming and, in fact, helped me relax. Within 15 mins on One Love I could feel work, stress and everyday worries being cast away. Based on our preferences submitted prior to our adventure, the crew had charted out an itinerary and reviewed the plan the first night with us. They made great recommendations and left open the option to modify based on how we were feeling each day. It was great not to make any decisions and have the flexibility to shift plans. We did everything we wanted to and more. We experienced more than we expected.  Our children were engaged in a way that made them want to learn about sailing. They took the helm and learned to navigate. They assisted in the mooring actions. They learned to tie knots. They learned to blow the conch shell. We played, sang, swam, explored, talked, laughed, rested and ate as a family. Every meal was fantastic.  We never had the need nor the desire to eat “off boat” since we could not imagine anything better: perfect setting, attentive servers and awesome food. Throughout the experience we felt we were with friends who went to extraordinary lengths to take great care of us. We were never made to feel like we were a burden. The most important outcome of this VACATION was the awesome shared family experience; a shared family experience that will never leave me or my family. We all deserve at least ONE (Love) VACATION! No more “just” vacations. Beyond “just” vacation is VACATION and One Love will get you there!

Recommended for: Families with teenagers, age 55+, families with young children, sightseeing, girls getaway, adventure seekers, romantic getaway, tourists without a car.

Could not ask for a better vacation!

  • Guest H (Richmond, VA)
  • Date of stay 04/13/14
  • Review Submitted 05/05/14

Our fabulous week on OneLove  began with smiles and a champagne toast (sparkling cider for the kids, of course)!  The crew are masters at making guests feel welcome and relaxed from start to finish (and we really didn’t want to reach that finish!)  It was a trip completely tailored for our family, down to the tiny details.  I have urged everyone I talk to about our trip to seriously consider taking the trip for themselves on OneLove, without hesitation.   Our entire week was planned based on our preferences and what our family was interested in.  Snorkeling–everyday new sites.  SUP–paddled to beaches and around all the anchorages.  Live entertainment–who doesn’t love a Pirate show along with island flavor.  Food–No need for expensive restaurants. All meals were well beyond our expectation!  Quality food that is good for you!  Bubbly pools, rock climbing, swimming with turtles, shipwrecks, the list goes on.  The boat was clean, well maintained, and operated professionally down to every detail.  Travel routes and destinations were determined based on our desires.  With the crew’s knowledge of the Virgin Islands, we were confident we would see and experience the best. We were provided experiences that will always be beautiful memories.  This was  a vacation we will hold as one of the best ever!  I say it over and over, “Everyone should experience OneLove!”

Recommended for: Families with teenagers, age 55+, families with young children, sightseeing, girls getaway, adventure seekers, romantic getaway, tourists without a car.

Trip of a Lifetime!!! Hopefully not Our Last Time on One Love

  • Guest Alicia N.
  • Date of stay 11/26/13
  • Review Submitted 04/18/14
Words can not describe the amazing adventure we had on board One Love . Our group tries to travel as much as possible, and have taken many trips together. As great as they all are, I am a big believer in new experiences and never going back to the same place. After our week in the BVI’s, I am absolutely in love with everything that happened along our way and can not wait for our next trip back. Not only back to the BVI’s, but on board this catamaran with such a great captain and amazing chef. It is not hard to imagine the beautiful waters and beaches you will encounter, the amazing people you will meet and the new experiences you will create. The only thing that could possibly make it better is sailing the ocean with 2 strangers that could not make you feel more comfortable. Some nights we truly just enjoyed sitting outside telling stories, enjoying wine, and listening to the captain sing. This trip has absolutely topped our list and we will be back again!! The crew listened to every word we said about or hopes for this vacation. They exceeded our expectations over and over again from the beauty of the boat, quality of food and service to the moments that will live with us forever. Goodness, it is making me sad just writing this because I want to go back so bad! We have taken one other catamaran trip before, and let me tell you that it is 100% the crew that can make or break your trip. By the end of it all, we really felt like we made new friends. Mmmmm… just thinking about the delicious Pain Killers before lunch or the homemade icecream for dessert. If it is not clear by now, I am 100% on team One Love and would love the spread the word about our amazing adventure we had on board.

Recommended for: Families with teenagers, age 55+, families with young children, sightseeing, girls getaway, adventure seekers, romantic getaway, tourists without a car.

A unique, deeply relaxing & rewarding vacation

  • Guest Dave from CT (Connecticut USA)
  • Date of stay 02/12/14
  • Review Submitted 04/10/14
Prior to our week  aboard One Love, I had bareboat cruised in the BVI several times. While all of those trips were great fun and memorable, our all-inclusive One Love cruise was another level of relaxation, fun and comfort. The week started with a short van ride from the airport to One Love – less than 90 minutes after flight arrival we had received our safety briefing and were cruising, cocktails in hand. The catamaran is gorgeous – spacious with three large double cabins with private heads and full sized showers. The galley & salon areas are enormous, as are the forward and aft decks. One Love is fully and generously equipped and we did not have time to enjoy all the activities she offers in one week. Much of our time was spent snorkeling warm, crystal clear waters, paddling the sailboards and sea kayaks & exploring the islands we visited. The crew provided for all of our needs whether serving healthful and delicious meals, leading excursions on land & sea, or gleefully participating in board games and shipboard diversions after dinner. They struck the right balance of prioritizing the health & safety of One Love passengers and crew while being fun-loving hosts who feel like old friends after a short time together. In short, a One Love cruise is a wonderful life experience that should not be missed and you will want to return again and again for this unique and rewarding vacation.

Recommended for: Families with teenagers, age 55+, sightseeing, girls getaway, adventure seekers, romantic getaway, tourists without a car.

Exceeded All Expectations!

  • Guest Tammie
  • Date of stay 03/29/14
  • Review Submitted 04/07/14
We spent a week on One Love for our spring break. We were a special challenge because our group consisted of 2 adults and 10 kids. So, I reserved 2 boats with 6 guests on each. One Love was recommended to me by the other captain. What an incredible time we had! We started with an initial itinerary but we adjusted it every day, depending on which activities the kids were enjoying the most. That’s the beauty of having your own boat! We have been on several of these charters and we know the importance of choosing the right captain, crew and boat…it will make or break your trip. The crew were very knowledgeable of the area and enjoyable to hang out with during the day and evening. They interacted well with the kids and made sure everyone was having a great time and always entertained. They became a part of our group. The boat is beautiful, very clean and the beds are comfortable. We will be going back and look forward to staying on One Love again. A special thanks to One Love for working so hard to create such wonderful memories for our big group!

Recommended for: Families with teenagers, age 55+, sightseeing, girls getaway, adventure seekers, romantic getaway, tourists without a car.